Misha Designs Porsche Panamera Body Kit

Introducing the Misha Designs Porsche Panamera GTM wide body kit. We have taken a car that looks good and made it look extraordinary. The Porsche Panamera body kit takes the Panamera from a plain looking 4-door car and turns it into a stylishly hot ride.

The Porsche Panamera is famous for being a 4-door sports car and for not being up to par in the looks department for most enthusiasts. Misha Designs is here with the cure. Stylish and more aggressive this Panamera body kit is exactly what the car needed from the start. Now your Porsche Panamera’s looks will match the performance of your Panamera, Panamera S or Panamera Turbo.

Porsche Panamera Body Kit

Design & Styling

Starting from the front bumper, larger intake openings and wide lower lip, the car is transformed into a work of art. The vented hood lets you know this car means business. Our fender design gives this Porsche Panamera a wide body look without actually making the fenders wider. The fenders are exactly the same width as factory fenders and there is no need for new wider front wheels. The fenders flow seamlessly into the side skirts and on to the rear fenders (by nino). The rear fender flares complete the wide body theme, while the rear bumper makes a huge improvement to the rear of the car with slotted diffuser and vents.

The roof and trunk spoilers help fill out the back, getting rid of the too-smooth factory drop-off the car came with. The Panamera wide body kit upgrades the looks of this car and is exactly what your car needs to look like a real sports car.

Porsche Panamera Wide Body Kit


Misha Designs Porsche Panamera GTM body kit is made to replace your factory bumpers, hood, fenders and side skirts using the factory mounting points, with the exception of the wide rear fender flares. The wide rear fender flares are optional for enthusiasts who like wide bodies.

Misha Designs Panamera wide body kit can be installed on any Porsche Panamera models 2010- present. Misha Designs Panamera body kit works on Panamera, Panamera S and Panamera Turbo.

Some of the parts of this Porsche Panamera wide body kit are available in optional carbon fiber:
-Front lip -Diffuser


Porsche Panamera Wide Body Kit Details

The Misha Designs Porsche Panamera body kit is a regular body kit, with optional wide rear fender flares and a wide rear bumper. With the wide rear fender fares you will need wider rear wheels or spacers. Misha Designs Porsche Panamera body kit comes as a full kit but individual parts can be sold separately.

With the full body kit you’ll receive a front bumper, hood, front fenders, side skirts, rear fender flares, roof and trunk spoilers and a rear bumper with diffuser. All Misha Designs body kits, including the Porsche Panamera body kit, are coated with white primer.

Take your car to the next level with the hand crafted Porsche Panamera wide body kit by Misha Designs. High quality, superior design, factory fitment and better than factory looks is what you get with this Panamera body kit. Pricing for our Porsche Panamera body kit is much more affordable than it looks.

Contact us today to find out how easy it can be for your Porsche Panamera to look this good.

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