Misha Designs Porsche 997 Body Kit – GTM2

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the market when it comes to stylish, stunning and unique Porsche body kits. The Porsche 997 GTM2 body kit is an outstanding example of what happens when you take a luxurious sports car and add custom, stylish design.

This Porsche 997 body kit is meant to give your Porsche a unique look that will turn heads everywhere. The GTM2 kit is designed for those Porsche enthusiasts who want to add a stylish body kit to their Porsche 997, but don’t want to go as aggressive as our GTM body kit.

Porsche 997 Body-Kit

Design & Styling

The excellent styling and design of the Porsche 997 body kit starts with the front bumper. The functional design includes air ducts to channel extra air into the radiator to increase cooling of the Porsche engine. It includes Porsche 997 GT3 style air vent at the top near the hood to release high pressure air from the front bumper to reduce drag and to increase down-force. The wider lower lip is designed to redirect air from going underneath the car to reduce drag and lift.

The hood of this Porsche 997 body kit has the signature Misha Designs aggressive but clean look. Together with the front bumper the hood gives this 997 unique recognizable style.
The side skirts follow the factory lines, but add width and give the Porsche 997 a lower and even sportier look (by rajic). The side skirts are functional and are designed to channel air flowing along the side of the car to go around the wheel instead of flowing directly into it.

Porsche 997 C4S Body Kit


Misha Designs Porsche 997 GTM2 body kit will fit on all Porsche 997 models from 2005 to 2011 with both versions of 997.1 and 997.2 tail lights. We make a GTM2 kit for Porsche 997 and Porsche 997 C4S. For earlier Porsche 997.1 models you need to buy a newer front bumper for 997.2 LED lights.

Misha Designs Porsche 997 body kit parts bolt on directly to factory mounting points. Individual parts of this Porsche 997 body kit are available without the purchase of the full kit, although we recommend using the entire kit for the best look.

Some parts of Porsche 997 GTM2 body kit are available in optional carbon fiber:

-Front bumper lip -Diffuser -Wing blade

Porsche 997 Body Kit Misha Designs

Porsche 997 Body Kit Details

The Misha Designs Porsche 997 body kit is not a wide body kit, but adds dimension and a little more width than the factory parts. With the full body kit you’ll receive a front bumper, hood, side skirts, rear spoiler and a rear bumper with diffuser. All Misha Designs body kits, including this Porsche 997 body kit, are coated with white primer.

Take your 997 to the next level with the hand crafted Porsche 997 GTM2 body kit by Misha Designs. High quality, superior design and stylish looks is what you get with this Porsche 997 body kit. Pricing for our Porsche 997 body kit is much more affordable than it looks.

Contact us today to find out how easy it can be for your Porsche 997 to look this good.

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