About Misha Designs

Misha Designs is located in Los Angeles, California, USA. Established in 2004 and produces the highest-quality body kits to transform cars from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Misha Designs company is the result of Misha Rade Djordjevic’s extraordinary passion for designing unique and visionary parts for Porsche and Mercedes. What started as a passion quickly turned from a hobby into a thriving business.

Misha Designs Porsche and Mercedes transformations have been featured in popular car magazines, car shows, auto blogs and internet forums, and have earned him a reputation in the Porsche and Mercedes community for excellence in design, quality workmanship and outstanding customer service. Cars with Misha Designs parts were at SEMA show every year since 2004.

Today Misha Designs offers exceptional, innovative body kits to car enthusiasts and supplies parts to many Porsche and Mercedes tuning shops and dealers in US and Worldwide (rajic). The brand is recognizable and popular in USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia for making great looking body kits at affordable prices.

History and How We Got Started

When Misha in 2003 got his Porsche 911, he immediately began transforming it into his dream machine. He had ideas for what his ideal Porsche would look like and began designing the perfect 996. He found everything that he wanted except for the rear wing. Misha simply didn’t like any of the wings that were available, OEM or aftermarket. Not wanting to compromise, he decided to make his own.

After months of design, testing and revisions, Misha brought together GT3 and GT2 wing elements to form the prototype for the perfect wing for his Porsche 996. The 996 GT2M wing was born.

Word of the custom Misha wing quickly spread in the Porsche community and the result was that the first GT2M wing produced never made it onto Misha’s car. Instead, it ended up on iForged’s blue 996 wide body displayed at the 2004 SEMA Auto Show, and the rest is history.

The response to Misha’s creation was overwhelming. With requests from prospective buyers, Misha soon launched a production facility and began to design even more innovative Porsche wings and body kits.

In 2004 originally named as 996 Wings, in 2006 the company’s name and web site changed to Misha 911 and finally in 2010 become Misha Designs Inc.

In early 2006, Misha took on the conversion of his Porsche 996 Carrera to build a complete wide-bodied 997 Turbo, which was not yet available in North America at that time. He knew it wouldn’t be an easy project, but it would be first 996 to 997 Turbo conversion in the USA so Misha decided to go for it.

In early 2007, almost a year after it was conceived, Misha was finally able to take his 996 to 997 Turbo conversion out for a test run. With phenomenal response to Misha’s yellow Porsche 997 Turbo conversion and GTM wing design, new line of GTM products was developed for 997 and 996 models.

In 2008 Jaime Elias joined Misha’s team and together they created a full Porsche 997 Turbo GTM body kit for. During 2009, GTM body kits become very popular in the US and Worldwide and Misha Designs makes this kit for all Porsche 997 models.

In 2010 Misha Designs decided to build their first Mercedes kit. The decision was to create a Mercedes SL wide body kit that was even more aggressive than the Mercedes Black series. After a few months of hard work, Misha Designs Mercedes SL Wide Body was born. The first prototype SL was wrapped in gold and joined Gold Rush rally. After the rally phone calls started coming from all over the world and Misha Designs could not make them as fast as they were selling all over the globe.

In the 2010 SEMA show, three different Misha Designs SL wide bodies were displayed. One of them was at Continental Tires booth and Continental decided to take it and use it in their ad campaign across all major Auto magazines in the US and Europe.

2011 was a great year for Misha Designs and new members of the growing team moved to a new, bigger location on La Cienega Street in Los Angeles. The new Mercedes CLS came out in the summer of 2011 and the Misha Designs team decided to debut a new Mercedes CLS kit at the 2011 SEMA Show.

In 2012 Misha Designs design and sales team grew and new models were introduced. The Porsche Cayenne wide body kit, Porsche Panamera body kit and Porsche 997 GTM2 kits were made. All of the new and some of the older Misha Designs kits were displayed at the 2012 SEMA show. Special attention was given to the Porsche Panamera kit that got many compliments on its very clean, but aggressive design.


At the beginning of 2013, Misha Designs finished a Mercedes C class wide body kit and is now making it available for all Mercdes C class models, sedans and coupes. Plans for the rest of 2013 is to finish body kits for all popular Mercedes and Porsche models.

Misha Designs’ intent has always been to work with and not against the lines of the original car design. With an extraordinary commitment to detail, Misha and his team are passionate about what they produce and wouldn’t make and sell anything that they wouldn’t put on their own cars.

Designed with passion. Built with style. Fit to perfection, all at affordable prices.